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Name: Simon Cohen | Country: Canada | City: Montreal
Your paintings are literally breath taking. Your work really bring out the most beautifull images of our religion and culture. The rabbis pictures are beautifull and the landscapes incredible. Its a pleasure to visit this website!
Name: Monica Lang | Country: Argentina | City: Buenos Aires
Gracias por tus cuadros de los jajamin. Me gusta mucho verlos sobre todo a aquellos pocos que tuve la beraja de conocer personalmente como ha rav Kaduri y ha rav Ovadia Yosef. shabat shalom! Monica Thanks for your pictures of the jajamin. I really like them especially those few that I personally know the bracha as Kaduri and has been rav Ovadia Yosef. Shabbat shalom! Monica
Name: Olga s. | Country: Russia | City: Moskow
Your paintings are amazing and very beautiful!!!
Name: John K. | Country: USA | City: Manhattan
I saw your art work and i was very impressed. you are a talented artist and a wonderful painter.
Name: marisa.k | Country: brasil | City: sau-paolo
WOW!!! I must say your work has a high quality and a special creativity. i wish to buy from you one or more of your art creations. keep on with your wonderful work.
Name: Maria T. | Country: Argentina | City: Buenos Aires
I would like to show my respect and admiration to your creativity. You are a great artist and I will most definitely buy your art work and I will recommend you to my friends.
Name: Sharona Y. Scott | Country: USA | City: Hollywood
The Rabbinical pictures are extremely impressive. The pictures of The Rebbe i`ve never seen anything like it before. i just might just have to buy one! keep up the good work!
Name: Inna M. | Country: israel | City: Rishon
I love your art so much... please let me know about your upcoming exhebition, I would love to come best wishes...
Name: rachel k. | Country: israel | City: rishon
you are a great painter!!! I wish I could paint like you!! best regards, rachel k. - painter
Name: Nathan Eligoulashwily | Country: Guatemala | City: Guatemala City
I love your works. One is more beautiful than the other.
Name: Emzo M. | Country: Israel | City: Bat yam
Hi, You have great artworks and beautiful site! It is pleasure to browse the site and watch those paintings.
Name: רחלי פרץ | Country: ישראל | City: בית שאן
ציוריםם מהממים!!! עשה לי חשק לחזור לצייר!! כישרון מדהים אפשר להסתכל על הציורים שעות!!! ישר כוח!!! אהבתי מאוד
Name: Osvaldo Dietez McKail | Country: Panama | City: Panama
Excellent work...
Name: sandra pernudi | Country: Costa Rica | City: San Jose
Estan bellas tus pinturas..Beautifull all your art its so nice. congrats...
Name: Cindy Borza | Country: United States | City: Owasso
Beautiful gift YHWH has given you!!
Name: Nathan Eligoulashwily | Country: Guatemala | City: Guatemala City +50254999195
Michael - I am so happy that I came across your beautiful website.
Name: Nathan Eligoulashwily | Country: Guatemala | City: Guatemala City
I love your paintings. I embroider fine art in 12x18 inches. I would love to hear from you.
Name: Nathan Eligoulashwily | Country: Guatemala | City: Guatemala City
Michael - For me you are #1, in quality, presentation and everything. Congratulations. Nathan Eligoulashwily. Happy New Year 2020.
Name: Nathan Eligoulashwily | Country: nateligua@gmail.com | City: Guatemala
Guatemala, Wednesday 3 June 2020. The most beautiful UNIQUE Eternal Jewish Art Paintings for generations to come and stay forever. Nathan Eligoulashwily.
Name: Sidney Teichman | Country: sidney@teichman.net | City: United States
I am looking for any other portraits of Rav Shlomo Vaknin z"l.


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