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Michael Khundiashvili has a richexperience and the ability to work from Life, such experience enables him to portray the likeness with the most natural and life-like appearance, which truly immortalizes the person, and creates the portrait far beyond its photographic references.

Official Portrait   President of Israel Shimon peres Oil Portrait Painting 2011   Corporate Portrait

Ordering Oil Portrait Procedure

Michael Khundiashvili, is a Master of fine arts and has extensive experience in portraiture which allows him to work comfortably from life or from photographs. When working strictly from photos is necessary, in the instances when clients have busy schedules or with children for whom it is difficult to sit for extended periods, or for posthumous portraits and those commissioned as a surprise, Mr. Khundiashvili applies his invaluable knowledge of painting from life, also acquired through his in-depth academic training.
Before the sitting, Mr. Khundiashvili likes to discuss the ideas and goals for the portrait with the client. The artist usually requires only one sitting at the artist’s studio or the client’s location, which takes approximately one hour or more, depending on the complexity of the composition. At the sitting, he takes photographs and occasionally sketches in pencil or oil.
Khundiashvili`s academic skill and vast experience allow him to complete a finely detailed drawing from life within only 25 - 45 minutes. At the same time, clients have the opportunity to see the artist `in action` and his skill to capture a full of character life likeness right on the spot, with only a pencil.

The size of the canvas is set between the artist and the client and is not determined by price. Dimensions are an aesthetic decision based on the subject (the attire worn, the setting, the pose), and also the amount of wall space that the client can allow for the portrait.

Michael Khundiashvili is one of the very few contemporary artists whose Portrait Procedure includes these drawing studies, as it requires the artist`s ability to draw in the tradition of the great Masters of the past: from Life, precisely, fast and in challenging `moving` conditions.
After the initial meeting, Mr. Khundiashvili provides the client with several compositional studies, to determine the best compositional setting of the figure and the background, most suitable for the portrait. Once the decision on the choice of the composition is made, the artist professionally prepares the appropriate museum quality canvas to start working on the actual portrait.

Khundiashvili will also do his unique life drawing sketches, entirely from Life regardless of the sitter`s age. Such drawing studies have been recognized by generations of portrait masters, as the vital step in portraiture and the Incomparable source of information in the preparation for a portrait painting, and the greatest opportunity any artist may have in order to sense the character and personality in direct communication with the person. At this stage the artist assumes the challenge of the monochromatic drawing method, which, unlike a painting sketch, requires 100% accuracy and does not forgive mistakes in proportions and likeness.

Any photos provided by the client will be returned upon portrait completion.
A 50% deposit is required at the time of Portrait Agreement.

Mr. Khundiashvili travels extensively to the schedule and convenience of his portrait client’s location and caters to a distinguished professional clientele, in the Israel, Russia, United States, Canada and around the world.

Fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars and available upon request at:info@michael-arts.co.il
Available Traditional Mediums are: Oil on canvas.

You can order a Family, Corporate or Official oil portrait paintings.

For a consultation about portrait commission prices,
Please call at: +972-(54)-7309955

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