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About The Painter Michael Khundiashvili


Painter Michael Khundiashvili is a recipient of National and International Portrait Competitions Awards and Honors and a Graduate of the acclaimed Academy for Fine Arts in Tbilisi Georgia. His paintings are in private and public Collections throughout the Russia, Canada, Israel, Georgia, USA and has been featured in several national publications.

Since 1987 he is a member of the association of Arts in the Soviet Union. In 1995 he immigrated to Israel and become a member of the Israeli painters and sculptors association.

A Master of Fine Arts, he has a strong belief in the Eternal Values offered to the artists by the Renaissance, which are:

Love and Respect for God`s Creation, Appreciation of it`s Harmony and Beauty without alterations. Necessity of study for the Knowledge of the Human Anatomy, Perspective, Composition, Painting and Drawing Methods. A Must of the Drawing Skill, based on that Knowledge.

The foundation of his painting philosophy is the pursuit of superb draftsmanship skills to ensure the integrity of the painting. Equally important is the creation of a dynamic and unified composition that invites the viewer in for closer inspection. Each painting is carefully thought out and a drawing is submitted for approval before the canvas is built.

With a desire to create distinguished portraits that speak to many, he searches to convey quiet, sensitive insight into the life of the sitter. His visual understanding is greatly enhanced by painting from life when possible.

"I feel profoundly blessed and grateful to God for the gift of painting, the ability to express my visions, filings and fantasies on canvas, to share it with others, and the opportunity to pursue a career I dearly love." - Michael Khundiashvili.

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